Tree pruning and felling - Reports

On 11 December 2017 the City Council approved the New Regulation for the Use and Protection of Public and Private Green Spaces. The document contains many innovative elements for the protection of greenery, from the direct involvement of citizens in the management of public areas to the equalization between public and private greenery, considered as a "common good", passing through the regulation of activities permitted in parks, in a perspective of territorial defense and the requirements for the protection of trees.

The New Regulation for the Use and Protection of Public and Private Green Spaces, in addition to updating existing contents, introduces important innovations, such as:

  • the promotion and implementation of citizen responsibility
  • the green vision of the metropolitan belt including rural and agricultural areas, urban parks and smaller unbuilt areas, from public to private ones
  • the definition of forms of protection also for private green areas and rules for correct maintenance
  • the introduction of rules for greenery design coordinated with the current Building Regulations
  • the provision of protection rules for agriculturally managed areas

Reports of interventions on trees in private areas
Citizens who wish to report interventions carried out on trees in private areas which, in their opinion, differ from the provisions of the Regulations for the Use and Protection of Public and Private Green Space, can make such a report by accessing the service indicated below.

Ordinary pruning of trees does not require any authorization and is permitted as removal from dry parts, containment in case of interference with buildings, services, etc., thinning of the foliage where necessary to reduce loads and stresses. Pruning must respect the natural branching of the tree and the "return" branch rule, without destroying, damaging or substantially modifying the structure and natural bearing of the tree and making clean cuts on branches with a circumference no greater than 30 cm, respecting the bark on the residual part and without leaving stumps.

However, it is mandatory to obtain authorization by the Municipal Administration for any non-ordinary intervention that substantially alters the natural shape of the foliage and the structure of the tree individuals, interventions indicated as "extraordinary pruning”, such as pruning involving branches with a circumference greater than 30 cm or pruning/topping. The request for authorization, with the precise reasons for the intervention, must be forwarded in writing to the competent Municipal Offices, using the attached form. A specific authorization with the necessary requirements will be issued within 30 days of receiving the application. After 30 days from the submission of the application or from the receipt of the additions requested by the Municipal Administration, in the absence of formal feedback, the authorization is considered positively issued.

For the interventions of dejection of trees which, due to their species and/or size, are subject to safeguard criteria, specific authorization is required from the Municipal Administration. The request for authorization must be submitted in writing using the attached form. 

Felling trees or pruning branches to resolve a imminent danger for the safety of people or things, therefore with a motivated urgency, must be promptly communicated to the competent Municipal Offices in the hours following the intervention using the attached form.

Updated: 25/02/2021