The plane tree of the Bazlen Garden

Town Hall 1
Roberto Bazlen and Luciano Foà Garden
Corso di Porta Romana, 106
How to get: M3 Crocetta | Trams 16, 24

Plane tree VTA 44854

The plane tree in the Bazlen Garden extends over a very popular play area and is the only large tree left in this green space.

Removing the upper part of the canopy decreased its height, but the trunk diameter of 195 centimeters makes it equally majestic.

The position of the tree, its physiological state and the presence of the play area underneath imply the need for periodic checks, both at the collar and at the insertion of the branches to the trunk.

This plant also demonstrates its constant struggle both with the forces of nature (the trunk is colonized by wood-degrading fungi which cannot be eliminated) and with the many interferences of man.

The plant will be maintained as long as its presence does not cause safety problems for the play area below.

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Updated: 10/08/2022