Monumental trees in Milan

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Special protection is reserved for “monumental” trees. Their protection is established by a specific law which provides for the creation of a census to be kept constantly updated. The census of the city's public heritage is a tool available to the Lombardy Region for the evaluation of specimens and their inclusion in the List of Monumental Trees of Italy, made up of trees or homogeneous systems of trees and divided by Regions, Provinces and Municipalities ( see section Attachments).

To be considered "monumental", trees must have some peculiar characteristics (exceptional size, botanical rarity, particular conformation, seniority), or be linked to important historical or religious events. Anyone who knows trees with these qualities can report them with a view to their inclusion in the census. The link to send the report is found in the section Use the services.

The monumental trees of Milan, housed in the city's parks or villas, have labels that allow them to be identified.

In the following map you can identify the position of the monumental trees in Milan.

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Click on the placeholders and link to the cards that illustrate the main characteristics of each specimen.

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Updated: 28/11/2022