Take care of and adopt public green spaces

Anyone can become a sponsor of the city's green areas: adopt a green area of ​​the Municipality of Milan to redevelop and maintain the city's greenery, or play areas, sports areas, dog areas and all spaces intended for public greenery in front of shops, condominiums and clubs public.

The Municipality of Milan has received support from private individuals for many years, stipulating collaboration agreements or sponsorship contracts to improve the greenery of our city.

You can take care of all greenery NOT listed Attachments A and B at the end of the page.

The actual availability of the requested area will be verified with the Municipality responsible for the area and with other institutional offices possibly involved.

Anyone can become a partner of the city green space: public or private entities, individual citizens, associations, condominiums, institutions, universities, schools, companies, banks, shops, bars, kiosks, professional offices, etc., by submitting a proposal regarding a green space and/or an accessory area (e.g. basketball courts, football pitches, play areas, dog areas, fitness areas, etc.).

A very important objective that we are achieving is the green recovery of the city tree-lined parterres in front of shops, condominiums and public places, usually used improperly.
In the attachments (Annex G and Annex L) you can find a series of useful technical information to prepare a project proposal for a city green space that you want to support.

Consult the new design and maintenance requirements, preparatory to the drafting of projects and subsequent maintenance, of public green areas created by private operators.

Look at the dedicated page >> 

By signing a technical collaboration contract you become our Partner and can make a green part of Milan more beautiful by presenting a project and carrying out the work to improve and maintain the area you have chosen. (use attachment D1).

NB the Municipal Administration has foreseen the possibility of placing a small thank you sign provided that this does not lead to the visibility of a commercial name (see the sample of the sign Annex I. in the Attachments menu).

By stipulating a technical sponsorship contract you become a Sponsor of the Municipality of Milan by presenting a project and the related estimate to improve and maintain a public green area. After the approval of the offices you will be able to carry out the work and in exchange have visibility of your company logo or company name/company/brand on the sign predefined by the Administration for the specific purpose. (you see Annex H with the technical indications for creating the different types of sponsor sign).

Read also the paragraph "How it works from a contractual and accounting point of view".

For some particular and specific cases, the availability to support financial sponsorship may also be proposed (using theAnnex D3) to contribute to the implementation of an extraordinary maintenance intervention, mainly to create new play areas or redevelop existing ones, receiving in exchange the visibility of your logo/name or company name/company/brand on the predefined sign for the specific purpose (for a facsimile of the sign see Annex H in the Attachments menu).

The stipulation of these contracts with the Municipal Administration has no administrative or contractual costs, other than those of the revenue stamp to be affixed to the contract and the advertising tax only in the case of sponsorship.

In the case of signing a sponsorship, commercial visibility is granted through the installation, on the curated green area, of a variable number of sponsor signs of predefined dimensions and characteristics, proportional to the financial commitment incurred
At the end of each calendar year (31 December) of the stipulated contract, the Sponsor must issue an invoice in electronic format as required by the Legislative Decree. 66/2014, converted with amendments by law no. 89/2014 of the amount foreseen in the contract. In turn, the Municipality of Milan will issue an invoice for the same amount as sponsorship for the commercial visibility granted.

The invoice must contain the CIG number indicated in the contract, the Recipient code 65LOXU, the Administration reference code 001910000199999, the VAT collectability code "I" (immediate collectability) and the number and date of the Management Determination present in the contract.

You can view the contractual contents by viewing the page Adopt a green area: become a sponsor in the section Forms - documents.


Applications must be received by the following annual deadlines:

  • 28 February
  • 30th April
  • 30nd June
  • August 31th
  • 31 October
  • 31 December.

Choose one of Attachments D which corresponds to either technical collaboration or sponsorships, download it, fill it in and submit the application in a sealed envelope to the Green Area, complete with all the attachments indicated, no later than 12pm (peremptory deadline) on the scheduled two-month deadline, to the following address:
Sponsorships and General Affairs Administrative Unit – Via Sile, 8

The envelope must bear the sender's name and the words "DO NOT OPEN - Public notice - Sponsorships and collaborations for the redevelopment and maintenance of public green areas".
It is possible to send the application and the related documentation to the PEC address verdeambiente.gestion@pec.comune.milano.it - within the time and expiry date of the two-month period.

The Administration is excluded from any liability if, due to postal or other problems, or for any other reason, the application does not reach the destination address within the expected deadline. If sent by post, the date of receipt will prevail.

How long?
The agreement with the Municipality of Milan can last: from 1 to 5 years for Technical Collaboration and from 1 to 3 years for Technical Sponsorship.
The respective deadline is always set for December 31st.
At the end of the contract it will always be possible to resubmit the application for collaboration or sponsorship and re-submit your application.

The Municipality of Milan promotes proposals and initiatives to create habitats favorable to the life of butterflies in the city's green areas.
Our Sponsors and Partners can also propose a coordinated design with our offices, with a more widespread use of the plant species that most attract butterflies. These insects, in fact, gravitate preferably around plants which, due to the characteristics of their flowers and leaves, guarantee them hospitality and nourishment.

Here, as a guide, is a list of these plants:
perennial herbaceous plants
Achillea, Alcea, Anthyllis, Agastache, Alyssum, Angelica, Asclepias, Aster novi-belgii, Centaurea, Centranthus, Chrysanthemum, Dipsacus, Echinacea, Eryngium, Eupatorium, Hemerocallis, Hyssopus, Lavandula, Lavatera, Lunaria, Mentha, Nepeta, Rudbeckia, Salvia , Scabiosa, Sedum, Rosmarinus, Thymus, Verbena bonariensis, Viola
annual herbaceous plants
Ammi majus, Calendula, Cosmos, Tropaeolum, Zinnia, Daucus
Abelia, Buddleia, Caryopteris, Lantana, Rosa, Lonicera nitida, Syringa, Spiraea
caterpillar feeding plants
Artemisia, Ruta, Foeniculum, Urtica dioica

For any information please contact:

Green area
Sponsorships and General Affairs Administrative Unit
Via Sile, 8 - 3rd floor - 20139 Milan
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 15:30
tel. 02 884.64556 / 67413 / 67714 / 67753
Email: URB.VerdeSponsorizzazione@comune.milano.it

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Updated: 02/05/2024