Single fee for land occupation

All occupations carried out on:

  • public spaces and areas (including greenery) belonging to the state property or unavailable heritage of the Municipality
  • areas of private property on which a public right of way has been established, in the manner and terms of the law

are subject to:

  • concession for the occupation of public land (Osp)
  • payment of the single concession fee (CU).

Who has to pay
The fee is payable by the concession holder or, failing that, by whoever occupies public land without formal authorization.

  • Permanent employment
    The methods are different for the first year of concession from the following ones:
    for the first year, payment on a current account is required as indicated below
    - for the following years, i payments in a single solution must take place by March 31st, upon payment request from the Municipality
  • Temporary employment
    The payment takes place upon invitation issued by the Municipalitybefore the granting of the concession.

The fee is calculated based on:

  • importance of the areas and public spaces on which the occupation takes place
  • occupied surface, expressed in square or linear metres
  • duration of the occupation as indicated in the concession deed: expressed in days in the case of temporary occupations, or in calendar years in the case of permanent occupations.
  • economic value of the availability of the area, sacrifice imposed on the community by the occupation itself and type of activities carried out by the holders of the concessions, also in relation to the methods of occupation.

Formula for determining the fee

  1. Multiply the following factors together:
    • basic rate
    • coefficient relating to road classification
    • coefficient for specific activity
    • occupied surface x days of duration (the days only for temporary occupations).
  2. The amount of other fees provided for by law is deducted from the total amount of the fee due, except for those connected to the provision of services.
  3. The rent may be increased by any maintenance costs and any other expenses deriving from the occupation of the public space.

The authorization provision indicates the tariff applied, the total amount due and the methods of payment of the fee.

Payment by installments is only permitted for permanent jobs.

If it is not already provided for by the methods contained in the Municipality's annual payment invitation, it is possible to ask to make the payment in four quarterly installments of the same amount with the following deadlines and provided that the total sum due is greater than €1.550,00 per year:

  • 31 March
  • 30nd June
  • September 30th
  • 31 December.

The installment payment involves the application of legal interest.

For the complete list of exemption cases, consult art. 31 of Single property fee regulation

Refunds of sums paid and not due for occupations of public land they can be requested within five years from the day of payment or from when the right to reimbursement has been definitively ascertained.

Interest is due on the reimbursed sums to the extent required by law.



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Updated: 02/04/2024