Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders, characterized by impaired communication and social interaction, and by repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities. 

This complex of disorders entails a high health, social and economic burden, as they are highly complex disorders which, in most cases, accompany the individual for the entire duration of their life.

Early diagnosis, rehabilitative intervention, support for families, training of healthcare workers and educators are actions to be implemented to promote integration and improve the quality of life of those affected, in line with the indications of the 'European Pact for Mental Health and Well-Being, EC 2008', and of the 'WHO Global Plan of action for children's environmental health 2010-2015'. 

The Municipality of Milan implements its activities in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders through the Autism in the network project.

Normative References

Regional legislation

National legislation


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Provisions regarding assistance for people with severe disabilities who lack family support.

Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, 12 January 2017 
Definition and updating of the essential levels of assistance, referred to in article 1, paragraph 7, of legislative decree 30 December 1992, n. 502.

International regulations

Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities
Resolution/RES/61/106 – 13 December 2006, sixty-first session of the United Nations General Assembly

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