Cemeteries: rules and services

At the entrance to each cemetery an extract of the municipal regulation is displayed which describes the behavior to be followed during visits. In summary, those who visit the cemetery are asked to observe appropriate and decorous behavior.

In cemeteries it is forbidden:

  • throw flowers or waste of any kind outside the designated containers;
  • trampling on graves and damaging monuments or common areas;
  • sit on graves and walk outside the designated passages;
  • photograph or film processions, funerals, cemetery operations without prior authorization;
  • entry to people in a state of drunkenness or exaltation;
  • carry out any form of trade, business procurement and profit-making activities;
  • remove flowers and plants from the cemetery;
  • disturb and remove stray cats present in cemeteries;
  • distribute, display and post informative or advertising material;
  • place advertisements on graves and funeral signs;
  • the use of open flame objects in ossuaries, cineraries and columbarium departments.

Furthermore, all behaviors sanctioned by regulations in force in the municipal territory are prohibited (for example: taking possession of flowers, shrubs and objects, begging, annoying those who visit the cemetery, etc.).

In all city cemeteries the following are available:

  • public toilets;
  • wheelchairs for disabled people (contact the concierge);
  • a Catholic church, with the exception of the Muggiano cemetery
    (for information contact the offices of the individual reference structures);
  • places of Israelite and Islamic worship in the larger cemetery structures
    (Major Cemetery - Monumental - Lambrate and Bruzzano).

Furthermore, in the Bruzzano cemetery there is a building intended for civil rites.

Burials must be kept in a decent state at the care and expense of family members or relatives.

No funeral sign, monument, epigraph engraving or maintenance work can be placed or carried out on graves without municipal authorization.

Posing photos is free and can be done either in the presence of the monument or just the small garden.

Only companies authorized and registered in lists that can be consulted at the offices of the cemetery structures can operate in cemeteries.

It is possible to bring with you small pets kept in the carrier and dogs kept on a leash (small ones can also be kept in the carrier). Medium and large dogs must also be muzzled.

Anyone who enters the cemetery with a pet must take all appropriate precautions so as not to disturb those visiting the cemetery and not cause the places to be soiled.

Use the services

Updated: 23/11/2023