Paths for transversal skills and orientation

The PCTO - Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation (formerly School-Work Alternation) are activities aimed at students attending the last three years of secondary schools (high schools, technical institutes, professional institutes).

Until 2018, PCTOs were mostly curricular internships; from the following year, however, the relevance of their orientation purposes emerged and, above all, the usefulness of helping young people acquire transversal skills that can be used in the job market. Therefore, in coherence with this vision, the activities of the PCTOs currently consist of:

  • activities in which children are hosted in real working contexts (activities comparable to internships)
  • other types of activities, such as guided tours, project work or other activities to be carried out in class 

Schools can request the Municipality of Milan to activate a PCTO, choosing one of the two methods indicated above, or request the involvement of the Municipality in PCTO activities that the schools carry out independently (for example: by making a structure available, or by sponsoring an initiative).

Similar to internships, these are PCTOs in which the Municipality of Milan is involved in the following activities:

  • design
  • realization
  • management of a training project for the student, who is assigned a tutor indicated by the administration.

For activities that are not comparable to internships (for example: guided tours, activities carried out in class using Municipality material) and for which the Municipality of Milan is involved only as support for the training project, it is up to each individual area of ​​the Municipality to manage the relationship with the school by defining mutual responsibilities .

The management of the activities remains, however, in the hands of the school and the bodies that may collaborate with it.

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Updated: 18/10/2023