Projects for schools and families offered by Holiday Homes

The Municipality of Milan offers families and schools stays at its facilities (Holiday Homes) located in Andora, Ghiffa, Pietra Ligure, Vacciago and Zambla Alta.

The training and leisure activities scheduled at the Holiday Homes are offered through the following services, currently available:

  • Summer Vacation
  • Nature School

In past years, additional training activities have been proposed, which are currently not available: Fuori dal Comune, OneDay Nature School, Nature School at Home, Nature School On Air.

The service offers stays lasting 12 days at the Holiday Homes of Andora (SV), ghiffa (VB), Pietra Ligure (SV), Vacciago (NO) e Zambla Alta (BG) to children and young people aged 6 to 14, who attended primary school or lower secondary school.

Summer Vacation is an educational experience that allows girls and boys to compete with living in the world independently from their family, venturing into the unknown and growing "alone" in a community context. A holiday spent together with peers and adults, where pleasure and commitment, lightness and growth, protagonism and conquest are continuously intertwined.

Scuola Natura is the initiative that offers to Nursery, primary and lower secondary schools study stays at the holiday homes of Ghiffa, Marina di Massa, Zambla Alta and Vacciago.

The initiative represents an integration of the school training project, because it allows students - accompanied by their teachers - to deepen what they have learned in class through activities of naturalistic, historical and cultural interest.

The Nature School proposal is developed on three thematic areas, around which the training proposals are structured:

  • Territory and Environment
  • Ecology and Sustainability
  • Education and Culture

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Updated: 27/02/2024