Expected program
Social Residential Housing for rent at affordable prices, experimenting with new housing models and services to generate a social mix, integrating greenery and minimizing CO2 emissions.

Transfer type
Surface rights

Competition dates
PHASE I December 2019 – August 2020 
PHASE II August 2020 - May 2021 (award)

Participation in the program
12 expressions of interest, 4 finalists, 2 final proposals

Winning project
Green Between Tessiture Urbane is the new, lively and green gateway to the Lambro Park. A social housing project that lights up the Crescenzago neighborhood with new vitality and links it with all the main transformations expected in that quadrant of Milan. It is an initiative that reactivates and strengthens green infrastructures, dissolves the knots of local mobility, stimulates a new sociality thanks to innovative and green proximity services. It is a "first home" for young people, a protected place for families, and, thanks to controlled prices, it promotes equity, inclusion, collaboration between inhabitants and well-being for all citizens, mitigating the processes of urban gentrification.
It reduces energy consumption and uses local renewable resources as an alternative to fossil ones thanks to the Renewable Energy Community. Neutralize climate-changing gas emissions by adopting mitigation, compensation and capture solutions and commitments to create a new Zero Carbon Social Housing district.
It enhances access to public, pedestrian and cycle mobility by eliminating the dependence on private motorized vehicles thanks to the two Hubs dedicated to bicycles and electric, shared and connected mobility. Increase greenery and permeable areas to prevent the formation of heat islands and reduce the risk of flooding, enhancing water resources, limiting waste and promoting sustainable uses.
Engage citizens in reducing their impact on atmospheric emissions and climate change thanks to digital monitoring and the neighborhood app and experiment with innovative models of production, consumption and lifestyles, through the activation of young people in the Hub of Neighborhood.

With resolution no. 2141 of 3.12.2019, the City Council approved the participation of the Municipality of Milan in the new edition of the international "Reinventing Cities" program announced by "C40 - Cities Climate Leadership Group", placing a call for tenders for the sale and surface rights of the Bovisa Interchange Node sites (“Bovisa Node” - in agreement with Ferrovie nord as the program involves areas owned by Ferrovie nord near the Bovisa FNM station), Piazzale Loreto (“Loreto”), PA3 viale Molise ex- Slaughterhouse (“Ex-Slaughterhouse”), Palazzine Liberty, ERS Area Crescenzago (“Crescenzago”), Section A of the Monti Sabini PII (“Monti Sabini”), former Lambrate railway yard (“Lambrate”), owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane SpA (FS) and FS Sistemi Urbani SRL (FSSU), site identified as part of the broader program agreement relating to the redevelopment of the railway yards in the city of Milan, signed on 23.06.2017. 
The procedure concluded with the awarding of the sites of Loreto, Bovisa, Crescenzago, ex Macello and Lambrate; the Monti Sabini site had no proposals selected for the second phase and no proposals were received for the Palazzine site in the second phase.

As with the first edition, the procedure is structured in two phases. The launch of the Call took place in December 2019, the awarding of the winning proposals concluded in July 2021. 

PHASE I - Expressions of Interest 
Overall, more than 60 Expressions of Interest were presented, of which 27 were admitted to Phase II 
For the Monti Sabini site, no proposals have been selected for Phase II of the program.

PHASE II - Final Proposals 
A total of 13 Final Proposals were presented; There were 5 awards: Nodo Bovisa, Loreto, Ex -Macello, Crescenzago, Scalo Lambrate.
For the Palazzine Liberty site, no proposals were received from the finalist teams for Phase II of the program.

Proposals awarded


Presentation of the winning project on May 5, 2021

Updated: 17/08/2023