PGT approved and in force - Milan 2030

The City Council, on 14/10/2019, approved the Territorial Government Plan (PGT) composed of the new Plan Document, the variations of the Service Plan, including the Religious Equipment Plan, and the Rules Plan and accompanied by the new geological study.

The Plan became effective from the publication of the final approval notice on the BURL Notices and competitions series no. 6 of 05/02/2020.

The navigable documents of the Plan - reports, rules and tables - as modified by the acceptance of the observations and opinions of the entities by the City Council at the time of approval are available on the thematic site Milan 2030. 

You can also consult the following documentation:
• Summary document MILAN 2030 - Territorial Government Plan
• Navigable documents of the adopted PGT Milan 2030
• Prepared in .pdf format of the PGT Milan 2030 and the PGT 2012
• Managerial decision to update the Service Plan and the Rules Plan

Access the Milan 2030 thematic site - current PGT

Updated: 14/04/2022