The Reclamation Area deals with:

In this section there are information pages relating to the management of both underground tanks decommissioned than gods excavated materials

It can be viewed via the Geoportal of the Municipality of Milan cartographic information relating to:

  • perimeters of sites subject to remediation procedures;
  • sites where there are limitations to the intended uses that can be established by virtue of ascertained levels of soil quality (compliance with commercial/industrial but not green/residential uses);
  • hydrogeological data (depth and local gradient of the first aquifer).

Environmental information. Update March 2024

  •  377 open reclamation procedures: total surface area 6.539.580* square metres
  • 1481 reclamation procedures completed: total surface area 14.985.800* square meters

It is possible to filter and/or download the list of procedures directly from the SIT Geoportal - Reclamation.

*value calculated with: DATUM WGS84 - UTM Zone 32N projection 

Updated: 27/03/2024