Fulvio Testi 121 (ex Manifattura Tabacchi) - Integrated Intervention Programme

The intervention area occupies the entire block - equal to approximately 7,7 hectares - between viale Fulvio Testi to the east, via Santa Monica to the south, viale Suzzani to the west and via Esperia to the north. Most of the area is currently occupied by industrial buildings belonging to the former Tobacco Factory, buildings built between 1929 and the 50s.

The valorization project has the objective of re-functionalizing the area and the buildings through the establishment of private functions (mainly free residence and trade) and functions of general interest (temporary residence and cultural activities linked to cinema) as well as opening the area to relations with the surrounding city, through a system of views and pedestrian paths within the sector which allow the permeability of the area in the north-south and east-west directions.

The project in particular includes:

  • construction of new buildings in the northern portion or renovation of existing buildings (along viale Suzzani and to the south) for private urban functions (mainly residential and commercial);
  • refunctionalization and new construction of buildings for functions of general interest, mainly linked to cinema (new headquarters of the “Luchino Visconti” civic film school, Centro Sperimentale del Cinema, Museo del Cinema, along viale Fulvio Testi) and to temporary residence (for students university and healthcare for the elderly);
  • the creation of a system of services, new (nursery) or subject to redevelopment (Carabinieri Barracks) or demolition and reconstruction (Santa Monica Seniors Center);
  • equipped and tree-lined pedestrian connection spaces that allow for the most complete permeability of the vast block;
  • redevelopment and reshaping of the streets along the perimeter (in particular via Santa Monica for resurfacing sidewalks, trees, location of bus stops and viale Suzzani for redesigning pedestrian and vehicular paths and positioning of tree-lined rows).

In progress:

  • Agreement stipulated on 7.8.2007 
  • Supplementary deed stipulated on 6.8.2019
  • two private residential buildings have already been built, the entire "cinema hub" and the student residence;
  • work is being completed on the Healthcare Residence for the Elderly (RSA), the two medium-sized sales structures and the temporary headquarters of the new Seniors Centre;
  • the titles for the redevelopment of via Santa Monica and for the construction of the nursery have been presented.

The entire real estate complex has been declared an asset of historical-artistic interest pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/04 with ministerial decree of October 2004 with specific restrictions placed on most of the existing buildings (in particular the warehouses, the of the monopoly goods, the office and service complex and the chimney of the thermal power plant) as evidence of a productive settlement in the first half of the twentieth century.

The redevelopment of the sector involves both the recovery of the buildings subject to restrictions by the Superintendency and the construction of new buildings in the northern portion; the design aims to enhance the buildings and their inclusion in a context of urban quality, respectful of the alignments and heights of existing buildings, attentive to the open space project and aimed at opening up views and connections with the context.


Fulvio Testi 121 (ex Manifattura Tabacchi) photoplan
Fulvio Testi 121 (ex Manifattura Tabacchi) Planivolumetric

Updated: 16/01/2024