Milan International

Milan is an international city, a hub for economic, financial and cultural exchanges; the city also stands out for its particular push for innovation processes.

A well-known point of reference for taste and lifestyle, it is the non-capital European city that hosts the highest number of consular offices and diplomatic representations.

Its resident population is made up of almost 20% of citizens from other countries: in fact, there are over 300.000 citizens of different nationalities and over 500 associations that refer to foreign communities.

A cosmopolitan metropolis, Milan implements a strategy of collaboration between cities, which translates into bilateral activities - such as Twinning Agreements, collaboration agreements (for example the one with the World Bank), partnership agreements in the context of cooperation projects - and multilateral activities with participation in international networks with cities all over the world.

Milan is home to important Italian non-governmental organizations in the field of international cooperation; it also hosts the Italian headquarters of the major international economic groups.

The Municipal Administration is the reference body for international strategies, which after the 2015 Universal Exhibition have become even more central for building the city's future.

International Relations Area

The International Relations Area supports the Mayor and the municipal administration in consolidating Milan's role at an international level, in realizing the city's attractive potential and in enhancing its international presence through 3 operational units: 

  • l'City Relations and Cooperation Unit, which organizes and manages the agenda of meetings and international missions of the Mayor and his delegates, welcomes delegations and takes care of the signing of agreements with foreign cities, maintains relations with the Consular Corps and the diaspora in the city territory, provides support to The organization of international events in Milan actively promotes international cooperation and solidarity by participating in projects in the countries of the South of the world - with particular attention to metropolitan realities - and by carrying out global citizenship education initiatives
  • l'European Affairs Unit, which coordinates Milan's participation in the EUROCITIES European network and manages relations with European bodies as well as with European cities for activities aimed at presenting projects and exchanging know-how
  • l'International Partnerships Unit, which participates in the activities of international city networks, such as the C40 - Climate Leadership Group, in collaboration with the other Units of the Area and in conjunction with the Departments and Directorates competent for the subject, prepares the candidacy dossier of the City of Milan for host organizations or events of international scope or to obtain international prizes or recognition. 

Updated: 27/11/2023