Scams? No thank you.

Tips to combat scams and information for your safety

Defending yourself from scams is possible.

The scammers are well dressed, polite, but above all skilled. The best defense is to know their tricks and take some simple precautions.

Your strength is knowing that you are not alone or lonely, but you can turn to your family members, the elderly people's associations, the State Police, the Carabinieri, the Financial Police as well as the local police and the Municipality of Milan, which has people be prepared and are available to help you.

In Vademecum to download you will also be able to find the telephone numbers to dial in case of danger and to obtain information in case of doubts and/or fears, or find concrete support if you have been the victim of a crime.


Meetings in the neighborhoods - calendar

A series of meetings has begun in the neighbourhoods, in which Local Police and State Police officers will talk about the typical cases of fraud staged against the elderly and will explain how to defend themselves.

Next meetings:

The dates of the next meetings will be added shortly

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Updated: 20/06/2024