Conditions and methods for the recovery of removed vehicles

To recover the vehicle it is mandatory to pay removal and storage costs.

Regarding the sanction relating to the infringement:

  • if the vehicle is registered in Italy the fine can be paid subsequently, following the methods indicated in the infringement assessment
  • if the vehicle has a foreign license plate it is however essential to pay the fine before going to the depot, at:
    Local Police Removed Vehicles Office
    via Beccaria, 19
    opening hours: open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

For more information contact the local police

Payment of removal and storage costs takes place at the warehouse where the vehicle is kept.

The rate varies based on the following parameters:

  • fully loaded mass and type of vehicle
  • time slot for removal and return
  • duration of custody.

The vehicle can also be collected by a person other than the owner as long as:

  • of age
  • driving license holder
  • in possession of the required documentation (see instructions further down this page).

Special reasons
For vehicles removed due to:

  • criminal seizure
  • administrative seizure excluded from the custodian-purchaser regulation
  • ascertained furtive origin

the return will be subject to the release of the authorization by the relevant office.

  • Identity card
  • circulation card
  • tax code or VAT number
  • insurance certificate (also in digital format)
  • clearance (in cases where it is required)

If the collection is entrusted to a third party, you must also bring:

  • owner's delegation drawn up on plain paper
  • photocopy of the owner's identification document
    substitutive declaration, the model of which is available from the custodian of the warehouse
  • valid driving license suitable for driving the vehicle

Updated: 27/11/2023