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The PON Metro: from its origins to the response to the pandemic

The program PON Metro (National Operational Program for Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020) was born as a seven-year program dedicated to sustainable urban development, financed by European Structural Funds ERDF e FSE. The PON Metro is aimed at 14 metropolitan cities, whose territories - in line with the strategies ofEuropean Urban Agenda and with the objectives of Europe 2020 - are identified as crucial to meeting the challenges of intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth.

These challenges, which already saw metropolitan contexts at the forefront, have become even more urgent with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to the need to support the economic and social recovery of cities, the PON Metro Program has been integrated, through the amendments approved by the European Commission Decision C(2021) 6028 of 9 August 2021, by additional and important financial resources foreseen as part of the recovery plan Next Generation US and defined in the Italian quota of ReactEU.

To find out more, visit the national website PON Metropolitan Cities.

ReactEU: the European instrument that strengthens the PON Metro

ReactEU is part, together with PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) of the package Next Generation US, the program developed by the European Union to respond to the pandemic crisis.
ReactEU integrates the PON Metro and strengthens its overall strategy, supporting the construction of a resilient system to encourage, on the one hand, the green and digital transition of cities and, on the other, socio-economic recovery and the fight against inequalities that have intensified as a result of the pandemic.

The financial allocation of the Program and the priority axes

To the city of Milano, the PON Metro Program has awarded 40.3 million euro, an endowment that is divided into 5 Aces priorities:

  • Axis 1 - Metropolitan Digital Agenda (OT 2 “Digital Agenda” – ERDF)
  • Axis 2 - Sustainability of public services and urban mobility (OT 4 "Sustainable energy and quality of life" - ERDF)
  • Axis 3 - Services for social inclusion (OT 9 "Social inclusion and fight against poverty" - FSE)
  • Axis 4 - Infrastructure for social inclusion (OT 9 "Social inclusion and fight against poverty" - ERDF)
  • Axis 5 - Technical assistance (axis dedicated to the administrative support of the Program - ERDF)

To the 5 Axes envisaged in the initial structure of the PON Metro, a further 2021 were added in 3, in order to operationally translate the ReactEU tool:

  • AXIS 6 - Green, digital and resilient recovery (ReactEU ERDF)
  • AXIS 7 - Social, economic and employment recovery (ReactEU FSE)
  • AXIS 8 - Technical assistance (ReactEU ERDF)

The resources distributed among 3 axes of REACT-EU assigned to the city of Milano they are equal to 81.9 million euro. In total therefore, the PON Metro program 14-20 has assigned to the city of Milan a financial allocation equal to 122.2 million euros.

Updated: 22/01/2024