Initiatives and meetings

The Department of Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data organizes meetings aimed at generating opportunities for the involvement of active citizens in the public life of the city, promotes collaboration between the Administration, University and civil society and encourages the exchange of best practices between cities, in Italy and Europe.

HER WALKS. Designing Niguarda through the eyes of women

Exploratory walks - a gender perspective on Niguarda
Exploratory walks are a methodological tool that analyzes daily life based on observation, direct experience and participation of women, incorporating a gender perspective into the design of urban space and the different voices relevant to its construction.

The walks are urban routes carried out by women, together with technicians and public administrators, which allow them to verify on site the elements that can improve the perception of safety and the usability of public spaces (lighting, street furniture, accessibility, trees and urban greenery, etc.), as well as to visualize and encourage other types of planning, design, maintenance and renovation of public spaces that take into account the needs of women.

The first exploratory walk will take place in December in the Niguarda district. If you are a girl or woman (not necessarily biological) and you live in the Niguarda neighborhood, and you are interested in offering your perspective on the neighborhood during an evening walk with urban planners and public administrators, apply by filling out this online form

HER WALKS is a project created in collaboration with Sex & the City APS.

September 30, 2017 - April 15, 2018
The Participatory Budget is a participatory administration tool which, on the basis of a budget allocated by a public body, allows citizens to propose, plan and vote on interventions for public works which will then be implemented by the body. In 2017, Milan launched the second edition of the Participatory Budget, renewed in concept and tools by virtue of the experience gained in 2015-16, and the best participatory practices gradually implemented in the world.

The new process was conceived and developed within the EMPATIA scientific research project, financed by the European Commission within the Caps – Horizon 2020 programmes. The 2017-18 Participatory Budget of the Municipality of Milan is divided into four phases - proposal and support, planning, voting and monitoring. Each phase is regulated, in terms of roles and responsibilities, by the Participation Agreement.

Monitoring of the work of the winning projects can be followed online on the website Participatory budget

10 April 2018
A public meeting was held in the Conference Room of ANCI Lombardia, in Via Rovello 2, during which the intermediate evaluation report of the 2016-2018 Open Government Partnership Action Plan, created by the monitoring body, was presented independent.

It was an opportunity to make a first point regarding the commitments signed by our Administration regarding transparency and participation. The discussion was enriched thanks to the observations and contributions received from the organizations of the Open Government Forum as well as from the associations and citizens who attended the event.

15 March 2018
As part of the Milan Digital Week initiatives, the new Open Data portal of the Municipality of Milan was presented at the Urban Center. The portal, based on the solid open source CKAN platform, is secure and can be consulted from computers, tablets and smartphones. The portal will continue to host downloadable data sets, but will be equipped with visualizations capable of presenting and describing the Municipality's data even to less experienced people.

The Open Budget project, the first of a series of subsequent initiatives to describe the city through its numbers, allows you to view the Municipality's income and expenses, with simple and interactive graphics.

5 February 2018
Milan, European capital of Participation for a day. The first "European Open Government Leaders' Forum" was held at BASE, a discussion on public participation, innovation and open government, promoted by the Department of Public Function, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Open Government Partnership (OGP ), an international organization made up of over 70 countries.

The forum was attended by 14 ministers and delegates from 19 European countries who, together with representatives of NGOs and civil society organisations, discussed the role of civic participation in improving policy-making and improving public governance systems. European-open-government.

12 December 2017
A participatory working meeting at the Palazzo della Triennale to gather needs, ideas and suggestions from citizens and experts to lay the foundations of the Municipality's next digital participatory platform. The work was divided into four tables that discussed relationship management, petitioning and e-democracy, reporting and surveying opinions and the collection and return of data, useful to decision makers and citizens.

The morning also saw the participation of Luca Curioni, Director of the Digital Lead Department, who illustrated the progress of the portals and system interoperability project.

8 October 2017
On a day dedicated to transparency, the Municipality, in the person of the Mayor Beppe Sala, the Councilor Lorenzo Lipparini, the General Secretary Fabrizio Dall'Acqua, the Councilors David Gentili and Alice Arienta and the Budget Director Roberto Colangelo, meets the citizens at the BASE space to talk about the tools of knowledge, dialogue and control over the work of public bodies.

The register of generalized civic accesses and a year's public agenda of meetings with stakeholders are presented together with a first initiative to make the municipal budget data more readable. Milan-in-transparency.

7 September 2017
Presentation of the results of the online questionnaire on the PGT which allowed citizens and associations to answer specific questions and submit proposals as part of the process of reviewing the local government plan.

9 February 2017
A day dedicated to civic participation, collaboration, participatory planning of spaces and urban social life: this was “Voce del Verbo Participare”, the workshop promoted by the Department of Participation, Active Citizenship, Open Data of the Municipality of Milan with the #ComunInnovano network.

We discussed and worked with associations, universities, administrators, activists and the "Participation Charter" was drawn up - a conceptual basis, a set of guidelines to generate a widespread, effective, simple participatory ecosystem. Voice-of-the-verb-participate.

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