Milan Participate

Milano Partecipa is the digital platform for the participation of citizens in the democratic life of the Municipality of Milan.

All residents or City Users, aged sixteen and over, have the right to participate in the ways established by the Statute and the Participation Regulations of the Municipality of Milan and by the Participation Agreements of the individual processes.

The participation processes activated on the Milano Partecipa platform include both the institutions regulated by the Statute, such as Referendums and Petitions, and the Consultations, the Participatory Budget, the Collection of observations or Proposals - which are experimental initiatives of civic participation, conducted over time by the Municipal administration, also thanks to collaboration with universities, associations and groups of active citizens.
In these cases reference is made to the Participation Agreement, an administrative document which defines the rules, phases and methods of participation for each process and establishes the rights and responsibilities of the participating people and the Administration.

To participate in active processes on the platform Milan Participate you must log in with your SPID Digital Identity or with valid credentials for strong identification on the Municipality of Milan portal. The identity of the participating people is protected by a nickname.

Milano Partecipa is based on Open Source Decidim software.

Updated: 14/05/2024