Milan 2020

Contributions to the Milan 2020 call

The data made available refers to the contributions sent by the citizens of Milan in response to the Milan 2020 call, between 27/04/20 and 31/05/20.

In total there were 2.967 contributions, of which 355 had more extensive proposals attached and 275 were deemed irrelevant to the proposed consultation.

The annexes presented support proposals relating mainly to the areas of mobility, environment, business and urban planning.

For each contribution, the competent departments have been identified and the main scope of reference is reported in the file.

All contributions were also made anonymous in compliance with privacy legislation. In the first phase of the consultation, between 27 April and 10 May 2020, 1.980 contributions arrived, of which 140 with attachments and 150 irrelevant. In the second phase, between 11 May and 1 June 2020, 987 contributions were sent, of which 215 with attachments and 125 not relevant.

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Document open to contribution from the city

This document aims to develop a strategy for the so-called “Phase 2”. It delves into the scenario of the restart of the Municipality of Milan after the Covid19 epidemic emergency and exposes some immediate or planned actions for the management of the "new normality". It is a document open to observations and contributions from the whole city.

Starting from April 27th, and for the entire month of May, it is possible to send your contribution to the document in the section Attachments. Contributions will be grouped by subject and their content published together with a feasibility assessment.

The updated document will then be made permanently available and commentable in a collaborative environment, to ensure its dynamic updating in the face of constantly evolving scenarios.

Updated: 20/06/2022