Bicycle rack for public use

Parking spaces for bicycles can be found on:

  • state-owned areas
  • areas belonging to the unavailable heritage of the Municipality
  • private areas subject to public right of way.

For their realization it is necessary obtain a land occupation concession.

The bicycle rack for public use is exempt from the payment of the Single Fee.

The areas are delimited by horizontal and vertical signs and equipped with bicycle racks owned by the applicant and available for free and open use from everybody.

For more details see Technical provisions for bicycle racks.

The applicant, in the event of granting, will have the burden of guaranteeing:

  • the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of signs and bicycle racks for the entire duration of the concession
  • the replacement of the pole and the vertical sign and the bicycle racks in case of deterioration
  • immediate removal for reasons of public interest

  • The concession is permanent
  • it is tacitly renewed from year to year, unless the owner renounces it or revokes or forfeits it by the Administration.

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