Driveways, technical verification sheet: content, cases, legislation

The technical verification sheet is necessary for the professional to independently evaluate the technical standards and certify the project.

It is used by the Mobility Directorate to issue the technical opinion: the opinion is expressed based on the influence that the building works have on the correct conditions of accessibility from the side area to the public space and vice versa. The expression of any exceptions is limited to the rules under the exclusive evaluation competence of the Mobility Directorate.

The technical verification sheet is requested by the Mobility Directorate for the issuing of preventive opinions regarding the opening of access to public roads in the event of building interventions. This preventive opinion replaces any subsequent definitive opinion, necessary to obtain the authorization, only if the characteristics of the project or the road conditions existing at the time of issuing the preliminary opinion have not changed at the time of the request for definitive authorization.

It also serves to formulate definitive opinions.

Completing the technical verification form is mandatory for all interventions involving the opening of new driveways. With reference to permanent driveways, it is specified that new driveway means:

  • a new realization;
  • a driveway to be created in correspondence with an already existing driveway (even if its dimensions are maintained exactly) and authorized, in cases where the characteristics and functions inside the lateral area served by the driveway change completely or partially ;
  • a driveway to be built near an already existing and authorized one (which will be closed and moved);
  • a driveway physically built in the past (e.g. with a slide obtained from the pavement), but never authorized, which is intended to be regularised.

A driveway can possibly be considered already existing only if it has been authorized in the past and then revoked. For the purposes of issuing a new authorisation, the presence of only the access, even if potentially accessible to vehicles, is not considered a sufficient condition to also indicate the pre-existence and admissibility of a driveway.
The issuing of a new authorization for a driveway that already exists and was authorized in the past, but then revoked, is conditioned by the application of the regulations in force.

Existing and authorized driveways may be modified for the purpose of widening/narrowing of their width: in such cases, for which filling out the form may be required, the reasons for the request will be evaluated, in particular with reference to the internal functions of the lateral area, the characteristics of the vehicles and the maneuvers.

Vehicle access to public roads from leased municipal-owned lateral areas must be authorized as a driveway.

The card must be:

  • compiled by the professional in charge of planning the intervention
  • signed by both the certifying technician and the requesting party
  • presented together with the rest of the project documents.

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