The modification of the road surface to facilitate vehicle access to private property is an occupation of public land subject to the payment of the COSAP fee.

Obligated subjects

The obliged party is generally the holder of the concession provision for the occupation of public space, or the owner of the private areas accessed via the driveway or whoever has the right to use it.

Realization of the work

The construction of a driveway is carried out by the Municipality of Milan at the expense of the applicant (security deposit). Alternatively, the operator may be asked to carry out the works independently, subject to authorization and delivery of the areas.

Costs for issuing the authorization

  • revenue stamp of €16,00* for the request;
  • revenue stamp of €16,00* for collecting the concession;
  • preliminary costs for the authorization to lay new driveways (temporary or permanent) as well as for the transfer of authorizations already issued: €50,00
  • COSAP fee, if due
  • security deposit (if due) to guarantee the integrity of public land or the costs incurred by the Administration for the construction of new driveways.

Accessory installations

To increase the usability and safety of driveways it is possible to request authorization for:

  • marking of horizontal signs to highlight the driveway
  • parabolic mirror.

The driveway sign can be purchased in specialized shops (printers, print shops, etc.) only after obtaining the authorization number which must be reported above.
The sign must be placed on the border line between the private property relating to the driveway and the public road, clearly visible for anyone traveling on the road.

Ineffectiveness of the ban
The ban is ineffective if the sign:

  • is not reflected in the symbols, dimensions, colors and shapes required by the regulatory standards
  • it does not indicate the body that owns the road that issues the authorization and the details of the road itself.

In these cases no obligation arises for road users (see Directive of the Ministry of Public Works of 24 October 2000).

The use of non-regulatory signs also constitutes an administrative offense with consequent sanctions for violators.

If the driveway is no longer used or the room/area is no longer suitable for the circulation or parking of vehicles, the owner is required to submit a request to waive the authorization which provides, at the care and expense of the renouncer, removal:

  • of the cartel
  • of the slide on the sidewalk

according to indications that will be given by the municipal offices.

Payment of the COSAP fee
The payment of the COSAP fee is due until the formal acceptance of the waiver of the relevant concession by the owner and the restoration of the road surface carried out by the Municipality, the costs of which will be borne by the applicant.

The competent offices, in collaboration with the Local Police, carry out inspections to ascertain any unsuitable situations, in the event of which the authorization is revoked.

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Updated: 08/01/2024