Mobility Management

It is the management of different mobility options that develops strategies to improve the efficiency of the mobility of people and the transport of goods. The practice of mobility management is made up of some key concepts: the figure of the company Mobility Manager, the figure of the Area Mobility Manager and the home-work travel plan (PSCL), which is the planning tool useful to Mobility Managers for managing of the systematic home-work trips of its employees.

Of Figure Mobility Manager is a pivotal figure for managing the change in the mobility paradigm, as it is able to guide usage habits on travel in urban areas. This role acquired a decisive weight in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the mobility of individuals, workers and goods had to undergo a series of heavy limitations.

With the Relaunch Decree issued by the Government in spring 2020, the importance of this figure who is also responsible for understanding how to divide smart working during the week was reaffirmed. Provided for by Legislative Decree 73/2021, the Mobility Manager is responsible for staff mobility within companies and public bodies, mandatory for organizations with more than 100 employees, per single operational unit.

One of the main tasks of the Mobility Manager is the annual drafting of an Home-Work Travel Plan (PSCL) of employees. 

Regional and provincial capitals, municipalities located within a metropolitan city, or with a population exceeding 50.000 inhabitants are required to appoint a Area Mobility Manager. This figure has the task of carrying out liaison activities between the company Mobility Managers in order to promote good practices and collaborative models and any other activity useful for improving the drafting of the PSCL. Furthermore, it is the task of the Area Mobility Manager to acquire data relating to the origin/destination and entry and exit times of students and employees provided by the company Mobility Managers, in order to support the municipal administration in the definition and implementation of sustainable mobility policies and planning of public transport services.

For the Municipality of Milan, a key figure has been identified within the Mobility Directorate, to liaise between the actions of the Administration and the requests of the corporate entities. 
Amat, which supports the municipality in area mobility management activities, has prepared a mapping of all the companies that have delivered home-work travel plans in 2022. 

It is possible to consult the map on the online platform.

The main tool of the Corporate Mobility Manager is the drafting of the home-work travel plan for its employees.

Companies with more than 100 employees per single local unit, located in municipalities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants or within a metropolitan city, are required to draw up this plan. The PSCL must be adopted by December 31st of each year and delivered to the relevant municipality within 15 days from the date of adoption.

Companies required to draft and adopt the PSCL will have to prepare, together with the plan, the following documentation which they will find in the "Attachments"

  • Appointment of company Mobility Manager;
  • Excel file with summary indicators on the company reality;

and load everything on the online platform.

Updated: 12/09/2023