Parking bollards

The installation of parking bollards serves to protect the right of access to the road from a driveway or when pedestrian transit is difficult due to illegal parking on the pavement. Their installation is subject to authorization.

The bollards currently authorized are:

  • the stainless steel curbstones
  • the Parisian-type posts (in the historic centre).

In order to increase the usability and safety of driveways duly authorized, it is also possible to submit an application for:

  • the tracing of horizontal signs
  • the installation of a parabolic mirror if this is actually necessary.

To request permission

Submit the form, prepare the required documentation and send.

The technical staff will then carry out an inspection to verify the actual need and the technical feasibility of the installation.

Duration of authorization
The authorization lasts until the structures are kept efficient or until other solutions eliminate the need.

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Updated: 11/01/2024