Street art and crafts in Milan

Are considered Street Arts artistic and creative activities typical of the arts, carried out individually or in groups, in spaces open to the public.

Street artists, as per the attached legislation, are divided into two types of activities:

  • street artistic expressions
  • street artistic crafts.

The available areas are accessible by reservation to artists registered on the Openstage platform.

These are activities that do not provide a predetermined fee for the service and/or an access ticket for public participation, without prejudice to the possibility of collecting free offers.

The following activities fall within this phenomenology:

  • acrobats
  • jugglers
  • equilibristi
  • contortionists
  • ballad singer
  • street actors
  • clowns
  • living statues
  • mimi
  • fakirs
  • eaters
  • puppeteers
  • dancers
  • musicians
  • oneman band
  • street band
  • madonnari
  • dream painters.

They are those aimed at the production and sale to the public of works of an expressive nature resulting from the creative ingenuity of those who propose them and/or at the offer of impromptu performances of an artistic-expressive nature for which a specific fee is requested.

This second category includes, for example:

  • painters
  • sculptors
  • portraitists
  • Photography
  • balloon sculptors
  • makeup artists
  • esoteric

The exercise of street professions is subject to payment of Single fee for the occupation of public land.

The available areas are accessible by reservation to artists registered with Openstage platform and they are classified as follows:

  • free exercise areas
    - without any prescription or limitation relating to specific artistic typologies, subject to diversification by time bands
  • areas inhibited from amplification
    - unavailable for activities that involve the use of amplification systems of any kind
  • itinerant exercise routes
    - available for interventions that take place in an itinerant form, do not even temporarily occupy public land, making only sporadic stops in compliance with the established operating methods
  • areas reserved for expressive activity
    - only the activities foreseen by the second paragraph of the art. are permitted. 5 of the Regulation
  • areas of special public interest
    - due to their particular environmental relevance, they may be subject to specific requirements, limitations or extensions, sporadic or periodic, even frequent
  • areas of extemporaneous expression
    - in which the expressive activities referred to in the second paragraph of the art. 5 can be exercised without any space reservation. These areas cannot be used for the practice of street artistic crafts.

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Updated: 17/05/2024