The times of the city: the Territorial Timetable Plan

The PTO is a unitary tool for purposes and directions, divided into projects, including experimental ones, relating to the functioning of the different time systems of urban services as well as their harmonization and coordination.

The Municipality of Milan was among the first in Italy to develop urban time policies and to equip itself with a Territorial Timetable Plan, a document of strategic guidelines for the coordination and administration of the city's times and schedules, with the aim of improve the quality of life of all those who live and work in the city.

Capturing the changes in contemporary cities, in which the population's activities are increasingly fast-paced and often desynchronized and extended over the 24-hour period, the Milan municipal administration intends to update its lines of action, developing a PTO that takes into account the pacemakers that regulate urban rhythms, services and public spaces with a view to efficiency and temporal well-being.

The action of the Plan will focus on:

  • the introduction of new experiments, also with a view to public-public and public-private collaboration
  • on the consolidation of existing activities
  • on the valorisation of excellent actions on times and schedules that arise independently in the city area.

There have been many activities promoted and managed by the Municipality over the years. For example, remember:

  • I council in five schools in Milan
  • Flexibility of working hours at 2 directions in the Municipality
  • Parents on video at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala
  • eleven Sundays walking in the city without a car
  • the promotion of Agile Work Day.

More recently, hourly flexibility for employees has been extended, an experiment has been introduced that encourages employees to return from maternity leave, enhancing the skills learned thanks to this experience, a network of Happy Popping spaces has been established, to make the city increasingly family friendly, the Agile Work Week has been promoted since 2017, and, finally, the Smart Lab_Milano Concilia 4.0 project was launched as part of the Territorial Conciliation Plan, aimed at promoting family culture of smart working and online corporate welfare policies.

The development of the new P.T.O. of the city will not be able to ignore a solid interconnection between the many actors present in the territory, and will have to operate in multiple areas, from accessibility to public and private spaces to the new rhythms of work, from the integrated planning of public spaces to sustainable mobility. 

Because Milan must be a city that gives space to time.


Updated: 27/10/2020