SUEV Authorizations for filming, photos and videos

L'One Stop Events Area is responsible for issuing the following authorizations:

  • film shoots, TV series, dramas and fiction throughout the municipal area
  • photo/video shooting (advertising spots, documentaries, TV programmes, video clips, etc.) in the historic centre, in parks and gardens and municipal buildings.


To forward the application and the authorization, two stamps of 16 euros must be paid through the computer system.

Filming fees

The authorization is issued upon payment of the following fees established by type of filming (photo/video) and time slots used:

  • Photographic shooting €103,00 + VAT 22% for each requested time slot
  • Video footage €444,00 + VAT 22% for each requested time slot

The scheduled time slots are: 08:00/14:00 - 14:00/20:00 - 20:00/08:00

As indicated in the Municipal Council Resolution n. 1660/2010, the following types of filming are not subject to payment of the fee:

  • filming commissioned or sponsored by the Municipality of Milan
  • filming carried out by public bodies
  • filming carried out by non-profit organizations or, more generally, by entities acting on a non-profit basis (advertising campaigns - progress, exercises/essays by photography or cinema schools, semi-amateur filming such as, for example, those carried out to participate in competitions, cultural awards or festivals)
  • filming carried out in the exercise of the right to information
  • filming carried out for the production of medium and feature film and television productions (films, dramas, episodic series, documentaries), both entertainment and cultural.

Investigation costs

For film shoots, TV series, dramas and dramas that require occupation of public land, it is necessary to pay the preliminary costs of 25 euros through the geoeventi portal.

Security deposit

In the case of film shoots, TV series, dramas and fiction that require occupation of public land, the payment of any security deposits to protect public land must be made according to the methods that will be communicated via the portal.
Below the locations subject to storage , calculation mode,

The SUEV Area issues public land concessions for occupations relating to film sets (TV series, dramas and fiction) which are exempt from the Single Property Fee.

All occupations carried out on:

  • public spaces and areas - including greenery - belonging to the state property or unavailable heritage of the Municipality
  • areas of private property on which a public right of way has been established in the manner and within the terms of the law.

Filming using a drone

The request to use the drone must be sent to the Prefecture of Milan at the address: and subsequently attached to the request for filming presented via the GeoEventi portal.

For information and appointments write to:

One Stop Events Area - Unit for simplification of documents and procedures
via Larga, 12 - Milan

For photo and video recordings relating to commercials, video clips, etc. outside the historic center you can connect to This Page.

Updated: 17/01/2024