Advertising: legal disputes

Within the Land Occupation Advertising Area there is a Litigation Office which deals with:

  • procedures following the notification of administrative offenses connected to violations of the Regulation on the Single Fee (regarding advertising displays and billboards)
  • provide the Municipal Attorney's Office with the necessary support in the event of appeals against Area provisions regarding the authorisation, rejection, renewal, revocation and removal of advertising installations.

The office:

  • directly follows the proceedings connected to sanctions issued for advertising and billboards that are abusive or do not comply with the authorization issued
  • examines the "defense writings" filed in opposition to the dispute reports issued by the competent internal supervisory unit or by the local police
  • manages "personal hearings" with subjects who have received a complaint report and intend to present their observations
  • directly manages litigation before the Justice of the Peace for opposition to administrative sanctions (injunction orders)
  • collaborates with the Municipal Attorney's Office for litigation before other jurisdictional bodies relating to measures relating to advertising.

For information or appointment requests, write an email to the following address:

For the transmission of defense writings or documents, use the following certified email address:

Updated: 18/12/2023