Occupation of public land

On this page all the services aimed at companies that occupy public land.

The skills are divided into various sectors of public administration.

Main Features
Occupations can be:

  • temporary: less than a year
  • permanent: with a duration of no less than one year or for which an expiry date is not expressly indicated, even if built without the use of stable buildings or systems and carried out for the exercise of trade in public areas regulated by commercial concessions with a duration not less than a year.

Illegal occupations are considered:

  • permanent, when created with systems or structures of a stable nature
  • temporary, in all other cases. In this case the occupation is presumed to have taken place from the thirtieth day before the date of the assessment report drawn up by a public official.

What to do?

  • For tax aspects related to the occupation of land and the payment of the related fee, visit the page dedicated to Single land occupation fee
  • for information and instructions on services regarding the various types of occupation of public land, consult the list below on this page.

Use the services

Updated: 20/07/2022