Guidelines for land occupation with light, semi-rigid, removable structures and outdoor areas

Concessions for occupations of public land with readily removable light structures, removable semi-rigid structures and dehors are issued on a permanent basis.

The questions concern land occupation for the installation of structures:

  • on green areas
  • on sidewalks
  • on roadways 
  • on pedestrian areas

The installations must meet certain technical, functional and aesthetic requirements and as regulated in the Technical-Operational Document and as prescribed by the Regulation for light, semi-rigid and dehors ground occupations of the Municipality of Milan (approved with resolution of the City Council 105/2021) .

For information, see the page Single municipal concession fee (CU)

It is specified that:
with DD n. 113 of 12/01/2024 concerning < >, the deadline for the regularly adjusted extraordinary covid concessions to remain on the ground, pending a final provision, has been extended until 105/13/2021.

Please note that:
until 31/03/2022 the extraordinary Covid concession issued was not subject to the payment of the Single Concession Fee, as established by Budget Law no. 234 approved on 30/12/2021 and published in the Official Journal.

From 01/04/2022 the occupations of public land referred to above are subject to the payment of the Single Concession Fee, based on the envisaged annuities.

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Updated: 02/04/2024