Entrances accessible to people with disabilities

All public and private buildings, environments and structures that involve the passage or stay of people are required to equip themselves with a temporary solution to guarantee access to people with disabilities.
Also temporary activities of a nature are affected:

  • commercial
  • accommodation
  • cultural
  • Sports
  • for the show.

It is possible to certify and/or self-certify solutions that allow the accessibility of the sites, as long as they are:

  • decorous
  • easy to navigate for disabled people
  • indicated outside the room or in the presence of a call bell.

As an example:

  • certification by a qualified technician of the possibility of accessing the property unit from the back with identification of the relative level path and free of technical and hygienic-sanitary impediments
  • self-certification issued by the business owner if the path is extremely simple, continuous and linear
  • self-certification by the owner of the commercial business of use of tracked products suitable for overcoming the difference in height.

Existing buildings subject to construction interventions, for which it is not possible to create either a solution for accessible entry inside the property or a solution on the sidewalk or public space, must:

  • obtain certification from a competent technician regarding the impossibility of implementing the solutions presented in this sheet
  • keep it under the care of the owner and/or the operator, to show it in case of inspections/checks.

Building Regulations, art. 77
City Council Resolution no. 27 of 2.10.2014
BURL, Notices and competitions series, n. 48 of 26.11.2014

Updated: 11/01/2024