Companies that operate in cemeteries and/or carry out funeral activities

Companies that intend to carry out business work in Milanese cemeteries on behalf of citizens or carry out funeral activities in the municipal area must be registered in the municipal lists, kept by the Funeral and Cemetery Services Area.

The registration of companies in the respective lists is not subject to renewal: it is up to each company to promptly communicate changes or additions relating to its personnel or other data relating to the company (example: new hires, termination of the employment relationship , change of address, name or company name, etc.).

Once registered in the municipal lists, companies will have to provide their staff with an identification card with a photograph, to be displayed in a clearly visible manner.

The companies must communicate directly to the cemetery structures the data relating to the vehicles they intend to use to access the cemeteries and promptly transmit any changes.

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Updated: 27/04/2022