The installation of advertising media and the display of advertising in the territory of the Municipality of Milan are subject to an authorization provision or, in the case of business signs, to a qualification (SCIA), as well as to the payment of the single fee pursuant to of L.160/2019 and the current municipal regulation on the Single Property Fee.

Advertising is considered to be the dissemination of advertising messages in public places, open to the public or displayed to the public, in the exercise of an economic activity. The fee applies to the entire surface of the advertising media based on the rates in force, without prejudice to the cases of reduction or exemption strictly provided for by the aforementioned legislation.

Advertising without authorization is abusive and, as such, sanctioned according to the law. Learn more "advertising: legal disputes"

The following are considered means of temporary advertising:

  • placards and banners
  • banners (the list of poles for this type of vehicle can be found in the attachments)
  • banners
  • temporary structures on public land
  • sheets on scaffolding
  • filming of streets and buildings
  • hot and air balloons
  • projections
  • advertising vehicles

Other cases of temporary advertising - various and over-the-counter advertising

  • flyers, sales, promotional sales, out-of-business posters and posters (so-called various over-the-counter advertising)
  • advertising vehicles (taxis)
  • signs/banners/window decals for rent/sale  


For all the above cases, express authorization issued on the basis of a specific request is required (declaration of display in the case of flyers, sales, promotional sales, posters for ceased activity and posters).

The authorization is issued within 30 days.

permanent advertising means advertising exposure lasting one year or more.

By way of example, we consider "permed" the advertising activity carried out with the following means:

  • poster
  • advertising sheets on blind sides
  • pictorial paintings
  • wall-mounted light boxes
  • rooftop advertising signs (in case of installation in a place other than the business location)
  • plaques on poles 
  • image transmission and/or reproduction systems
  • innovative and technologically advanced systems
  • operating signs and takeovers
  • logos on company vehicles

Express authorization is required, issued on the basis of a specific request. The authorization is issued within 90 days (180 in the case of innovative and technologically advanced systems) for permanent advertising of large systems.

for business signs it is necessary to present the Certified Report of Start of Activity, which constitutes a qualification for the immediate start of the activity, without prejudice to the possibility for the office to communicate, within 60 days of receipt, any impeding factors or provisions prohibiting the continuation of the activity itself.

For the logos on company vehicles it is necessary to submit an exposure declaration, which is the responsibility of the Tax Management Area.

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Updated: 23/04/2024