Fuel distributors

What is meant by fuel distributor?

Fuel stations can be for public or private use.

fuel distribution system for public use means a unitary commercial complex consisting of:

  • one or more automotive fuel dispensing stations
  • the relevant tanks
  • services and ancillary and supplementary economic activities.

automotive fuel distribution system for private use means all fixed or mobile equipment located in spaces within factories, construction sites, warehouses and the like owned or in exclusive use, intended for the refueling of vehicles, or registered and unregistered vehicles, owned or leased in use by the holder of the authorization.

Plants intended for subsidized fuels for agricultural use are excluded.

For systems for private use, there is a ban on the transfer of fuel to third parties, whether for payment or free of charge.

There may also be boat refueling systems and those for the refueling of aircraft for public use. The authorization and modifications follow the same rules as road fuel distribution systems for public use

The closure of a plant, whether for public or private use, must always be communicated to the Municipality, which must issue the relevant authorization.


The operating permit is issued to the owner of the plant or whoever owns it in a different capacity, not to the manager. When there is a change of ownership this must always be communicated, with the appropriate forms, not only to the other bodies, but also to the Municipality, which, having verified the operating conditions, provides for the reregistration.

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  • Regional Law n.6/2010 and subsequent amendments
  • Resolution of the Regional Council n. XI/6657 of 11 July 2022
  • Lombardy Region Decree n. 8143 of 6 July 2017

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Updated: 01/02/2024