PEBA Architectural Barriers Elimination Plan

The Municipality of Milan has approved the Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers, PEBA 

It is among the main public bodies to equip itself with a coordinated planning tool regarding the elimination of architectural barriers existing in collective spaces.

The approved Architectural Barriers Elimination Plan constitutes a methodology for the implementation of interventions to eliminate physical and sensorial architectural barriers.   

It stands as a point of reference for internal and external designers for the purposes of developing intervention proposals and projects compliant with the principles of universal design and becomes a tool for the coordinated planning of interventions deemed essential for the full accessibility of public spaces and buildings .

Furthermore, in the PEBA MI, quality objectives are defined also through information, support and concrete actions to prevent the formation of new barriers by identifying, specifically, methods of intervention suitable for overcoming barriers and design choices also in light of proven good practices.

Updated: 08/04/2022