Land Registry

The Land Registry Services Unit deals with Doc.Fa. which are not automatically recorded in the Revenue Agency database, but require investigation by the Unit's staff.

The update documents concern real estate units located in the territory of the Municipality of Milan.

By connecting to the website ofInland Revenue it's possible:

  • know the real estate values ​​of buildings located throughout the national territory
  • download the software necessary to update the databases
  • obtain files of mutual distances, fiducial points and related monographs
  • carry out electronic cadastral surveys.

To carry out a personal inspection, connect to the page Consultation of cadastral income

Citizens and professionals can request the rectification of cadastral data free of charge through Contact Center the Inland Revenue.

Request for inspection/plan for the properties owned by the applicant

By accessing with spid thereserved area of the Revenue Agency portal, it is possible to download for free all the cadastral documentation (surveys/plans/extracts/mortgage inspection) of the properties present throughout the national territory and of which you are co-owner by right (owner/co-owner/usufructuary/other right ).
In the ENTRATEL/FISCONLINE section, from the Fisconline services menu, select "Mortgage and Land Registry Services, Real Estate Market Observatory" -> "Personal Consultation"


Request for title search for properties of which the applicant does not own

By accessing the service Telematic cadastral survey it is possible to request, for a fee:

  • Vision by subject
  • current or historical surveys of a property (land register or buildings register)
  • map views (map extract)

Payment of requests is made with PagoPA

Use the services

Updated: 01/08/2023