Specialist libraries

Le specialist libraries they are institutions of high historical and artistic value where manuscripts, ancient books and rare, in some cases unique, editions, precious archival funds and thematic bibliographic and iconographic material are preserved.

The specialist libraries of the Municipality of Milan are part of the Culture Directorate and are coordinated by:

  • Area Superintendence of Castle, Archaeological Museums and Historical Museums (Civic Historical Archive and Trivulziana Library, Art Library, Library of the A. Bertarelli Civic Print Collection, Library of Artistic Collections, Library of Historical Collections of the Risorgimento Museum, Archaeological and Numismatic Library of the Archaeological Museum);
  • Exhibition Center and Scientific Museums Area (Library of the Natural History Museum and the Civic Aquarium);
  • Modern and contemporary art hub area (Library of the Museum of Cultures - former Ansaldo at the MUDEC).

Specialist libraries organize their activities and services to the public for the purposes of conservation, protection and enhancement of their collections, placing themselves at the service of scientific research and teaching in specific areas of interest.

They allow on-site consultation of their book and documentary heritage, often upon reservation. If the material allows it, it is possible to make reproductions in compliance with copyright law.

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Updated: 10/04/2024