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Art Bonus Milan

What is Art Bonus?

Art Bonus is a legislative provision that favors cultural patronage, recognizing a tax credit equal to 65% of the amount donated to the person making the donation liberal donations to support restoration and valorisation interventions of public institutions and cultural assets.

Donations made in cash which give the right to the tax credit must refer to the following interventions:

• maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets;
• support for public cultural institutions and places (e.g. museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monumental complexes, as defined by article 101 of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code referred to in Legislative Decree 22/ 01/2004 n. 42,) of opera-symphonic foundations, traditional theatres, concert-orchestral institutions, national theatres, theaters of significant cultural interest, festivals, businesses and theater and dance production centers , as well as distribution circuits, instrumental ensembles, concert and choral societies, circuses and traveling shows;
• creation of new structures, restoration and strengthening of existing ones, of public bodies or institutions which, on a non-profit basis, exclusively carry out entertainment activities;

Upon conversion of Legislative Decree 83/2014, the facilitation measure was also extended to donations of cash made for maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets, where intended for concessionaires or entrusters of the assets subject to such interventions.

On the government website dedicated to Art Bonus all the interventions for which it is possible to make donations to finance projects for the conservation and enhancement of the city's cultural heritage are present. The cards describe in detail the interventions from which the patron can choose, furthermore the bank details are indicated to proceed with the disbursement of the donation. 

Patrons can be private citizens, non-commercial entities, banking foundations, companies, professional associations, cultural enterprises, etc.

To become a patron, simply make an ordinary bank transfer to:
Beneficiary: Municipality of Milan 
IBAN: IT23 I 030 6901 7831 0000 0000 355

NB: in the reason for payment it is necessary to specify: Art Bonus - Municipality of Milan - name of intervention - Tax code or VAT number of the patron.


  • if the intervention you intend to support is not specified, the amount will be equally divided among the collections currently open
  • if you intend to support multiple projects it is necessary to make a specific bank transfer for each case, indicating the name of the chosen intervention each time in the reason for payment
  • it is necessary to keep the bank transfer receipt which certifies the beneficiary object/entity.

The importance of cultural patronage is recognized thanks to tax benefits that derive from it, in fact 65% of the amount of charitable donations carried out through Art Bonus to help protect and enhance the cultural heritage of the city, will be deducted from taxes of the patron over a period of three years.

The tax credit
The tax credit equal to 65% of the amount paid can be requested with the following credit limits established by law:

  • for natural persons and non-commercial entities within the limits of 15% of taxable income
  • for individuals with business income and non-commercial entities that also carry out commercial activities within the limits of 5 per thousand (0,5%) of annual revenues.

To obtain it, simply keep the receipt of the payment made by ordinary bank transfer containing a payment reason that identifies the beneficiary object/entity, and show it when filing your tax return or completing the F24 form.
On bringing Art Bonus it is possible to download a donation certificate in the form of a self-declaration.
It is underlined that the valid document to benefit from the tax credit is exclusively the payment receipt containing the Art Bonus reason so that the liberality of the payment can be deduced.

The procedures to be followed are indicated in the current Revenue Agency Circular (see section Normative requirements).


  • The tax credit introduced by Art Bonus is valid for disbursements made exclusively in cash
  • the tax credit is divided into three installments to be recovered in as many years, starting from the tax return relating to the year in which the donation was made.

For all information relating to the tax regime and the obligations required of taxpayers, visit the site Art Bonus

The Municipality of Milan thanks the patrons who contributed to supporting the civic cultural heritage.

Updated: 16/05/2024