Municipality interventions for the hygiene of the town

When the presence of hygienic problems, fumes or unpleasant odors is detected in buildings, the municipal administration can intervene with an administrative measure.

  • The reasons that lead to presenting the complaint must be truthful and not distorted by situations of disagreement with the neighborhood.

In which cases does the Municipality intervene?

The adoption of contingent and urgent ordinances for the cleaning of accommodation in the presence of serious hygienic and health deterioration takes place in the presence of:

  • presence of fumes and odors, for systems denominated as having little relevance, in addition to normal tolerability
  • irregularities and/or non-compliance of the gas systems with respect to the regulations
  • improper/uninhabitable accommodation for hygienic-sanitary reasons (basements, attics, cellars, etc.)
  • unhygienic accommodation
  • incorrect attribution of waste and fall pipes
  • presence of birds and guano
  • other situations connected to problems relating to the hygiene of the inhabited area.

Any intervention by the Municipality can take place after verification by the ATS.

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Updated: 24/11/2023