Rental contributions

The Municipality of Milan, in collaboration with the Agency for accessible rent Milano Abitare and the Lombardy Region, has launched a rent support measure.

A rent support measure aimed at families and young people under 35 (ISEE < €30.000) through an annual contribution (up to a maximum of €2.000,00), for 5 years, to cover the rents owed by the tenant for agreed rental contracts with an amount not exceeding €9.600,00 per year, for properties that are not rented on the date of publication of the Notice.

To access the contribution you must complete the online application by accessing the link below on this page.

The Municipality of Milan in collaboration with the Agency for accessible rent - Milan Living intends to proceed with the implementation of a "Single Measure" intended for the provision of a contribution to cover rent with the aim of supporting citizens who find themselves in difficulty in maintaining their rented home on the free market, also following the economic difficulties resulting from the Covid-19 emergency. 

The accommodation for which the contribution is requested must be located in the territory of the Municipality of Milan

The contribution is requested by the tenant, who is therefore the beneficiary and is paid directly to the owner of the accommodation for the payment of rent not paid or to be paid. 

To access the contribution you must submit the application in the manner indicated in the link at the bottom of this page.

The deadline for submitting the online application expired at 12:00 on 18 May 2022.

Families who have not been able to pay the rent due to the loss or a significant reduction in their earning capacity can access a contribution made available by the Lombardy Region.

To obtain the financial contribution it is necessary to request verification of non-culpable arrears, based on the criteria defined by the legislative provisions reported in the notice, by submitting the application by 31 December 2024 at your municipality of residence. 

It is possible to submit the application even in the event of an eviction notice that has not yet been validated.
Applications submitted outside this period and with incorrect forms will not be taken into consideration.

The recognition of the “blameless arrears” the tenant will be able to submit a request for contribution to the Agency Milan Living.

Families composed of elderly pensioners with income coming exclusively from work/old-age/seniority pensions and/or similar (ISEE max €15.000) for which the expense for the rent is greater than 20% of the net income can access to a contribution towards maintaining the rent of up to €1.500 per contract.

To check the conditions for accessing the contribution and how to submit the request, consult the notice attached link.

A support measure for the maintenance of rented accommodation on the free market intended for households resident in Milan (ISEE max €30.000) with the presence of at least one "under 35" member and who, starting from 1 January 2023, have seen the birth of a child or the adoption of a minor.
The measure provides for the provision directly to the owner of the rented accommodation of a maximum overall economic contribution of €9.000, divided into three annuities (€3.000 per year), to partially cover the rental fees.
To access the contribution you must submit the application in the manner indicated in the link at the bottom of this page.

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Updated: 03/01/2024