Public reading libraries

Le public reading libraries they are cultural and social centers of the territory, open to the educational needs of all citizens without distinction of gender, social condition or religious belief. 

The public reading libraries of Milan are organized in a single information and service network (SBM) coordinated by the Libraries Area of ​​the Culture Directorate of the Municipality of Milan.

The system shares service parameters and a single catalog.

  • 24 local libraries;
  • the Central Library in Palazzo Sormani;
  • the Librarybus

The libraries are open from Monday to Saturday continuously and offer free access to books and multimedia content, newspapers and magazines, digital resources and databases. An integral part of their activity is the organization of cultural initiatives to encourage encounters with books, authors and topics to explore in depth.

Main services:

  • bibliographic and community information;
  • loan and consultation;
  • reading and studying in equipped spaces;
  • internet and wifi stations;
  • areas for children and teenagers;
  • MediaLibraryOnLine (MLOL);
  • cultural activities for adults and children;
  • reading groups.

Use the services

Updated: 09/10/2023