Kennel and cat shelter park in Milan

The kennel/cat shelter park of the Municipality of Milan, built in the Forlanini area and inaugurated in July 2008, covers a total area of ​​35.565 mXNUMX.

It is equipped with comfortable boxes and large areas in which its four-legged guests can run and have fun.

The building complex consists of a former farmhouse completely renovated and now used for management, administrative and veterinary functions: 8 pavilions to house dogs (maximum capacity: 200 units) and a cattery with a maximum reception of 200 animals.

Each pavilion covers an area of ​​approximately 350 m16. and contains 128 boxes for dogs, as well as spaces for services. Each of the 2 boxes consists of a living area and a sleeping area with underfloor heating; each box can accommodate 1 medium-sized dogs or XNUMX large-sized dog.

The whole is completed by park areas, equipped with benches and shaded by plane trees and poplars, and spaces for the dogs, who are taken for a walk every day by volunteers and workers from the refuge. The structure is completed by 8 large areas for independent walking and a large open but fenced space intended for dog play and their education. In this way, both movement and human contact are guaranteed, which is so essential for creating a relationship of trust in an animal that has experienced the trauma of mistreatment or abandonment, sometimes even more than once.

The cattery covers an area of ​​900 m350 between reserved internal and external spaces. with a pavilion of approximately 8 mXNUMX. consisting of XNUMX rooms to accommodate cats as well as spaces for services. Each cat room is connected to a corresponding outdoor courtyard. It is worth underlining the particular attention with which our guests are treated, who have at their disposal numerous games and equipment with which they can have fun and containers, baskets and hiding places in which they can escape from sight when they need rest or silence.

Since 2015 the structure in via Aquila has been enriched with new facilities. A small house was built with prefabricated material used as a "Sanitary Cat", consisting of two separate rooms for quarantine in case of particular pathologies, with independent access, surrounded on three sides by a concrete sidewalk and also with the possibility for the cats to go outdoors. The rooms, inside, are equipped with an electrical system, air conditioning, external lighting and plumbing service for the necessary washing.

Also made of prefabricated material, two more houses have "grown". A first is equipped with all the furnishings that are reminiscent of a "human" home, to accustom dogs to family and domestic life, a second to store all the useful material for our animals, such as blankets, sheets, towels, kennels and more .

Savings have also been considered: the water for washing the pavilions and irrigating the lawns is collected from a groundwater well. The water from the city aqueduct is used only for staff services.

However well organised, a kennel is not the right place for a dog or cat to live and the happiness of our animal friends can only be guaranteed by the warmth and affection of a real "human" family who keeps them with them for Always.

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The kennel is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, from 13pm to 17pm, but visitor tours and pre-adoption interviews close at 16pm (from 30pm to 16pm it is still possible to enter to ask for information).

Remember that a dog is not chosen only for its characteristics or physical qualities, but the choice must include deeper and more conscious motivations.

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The Kennel/Gattile Refuge Park is located in via Aquila, 81 (access from via Corelli), next to the new Sanitary Kennel

To reach it

  • In the car:
    • take via Corelli or via Tucidide and turn into via Privata Aquila
    • travel to the end of Via Aquila and continue along the route to the Rifugio Park
  • By public transport:
    • bus 38 – via Corelli/via Aquila stop

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