Dog areas

Public green spaces protected and reserved for man's best friend.

Within these areas, created in the parks and public gardens of Milan, dogs can move and run freely. The Ecological Guards monitor the areas and are also responsible for informing, warning and possibly sanctioning dog owners who do not respect the Regulations for the use of green spaces and the Regulations for the welfare and protection of animals.

The request for the creation of a dog area can be made by an individual or several citizens by submitting an application with a collection of signatures to be submitted to the relevant Area Council.

Guarda the list of dog areas.

The art. 18 of the Regulation for the protection and welfare of animals defines some rules for the correct and safe use of dog areas, reported here with some suggestions for respecting them:

  1. dogs must be constantly and carefully supervised
  2. promptly leave the area with the dog in all cases in which correct behavior cannot be guaranteed:
    - you must be ready to put the leash back on and leave the area, to avoid the risk of fights or attacks on people present
  3. when using a dog run:
    - remember that the space of the area is available to everyone
    - before entering with a large dog or one belonging to the breeds for which the "special dog" license is mandatory or in any case with a dog not predisposed to sociality, it is a good idea check which dogs are already present in the area and evaluate any risks
    - avoid "monopolising" the dog area for a long time when you bring a dog not predisposed to sociality or whose presence could inhibit the access of other dogs
    - if you bring toys for the dog, use them with great caution, making sure that they do not become an opportunity to start competitions and fights
    - you must always have a leash with you and quickly secure your dog if necessary
    - sick or heat dogs must not be brought to dog areas
  4. Dog feces should always be collected
    - leaving them on the ground is not only unpleasant, but it is also unhygienic and can encourage the spread of parasites
  5. Smoking is prohibited in dog areas
  6. the people who bring the dog into the dog area must be able to control and restrain them, should they attempt to attack other dogs or people present. For this reason, you need to carefully evaluate your own strengths and dogs should never be entrusted to children.


Updated: 30/01/2024