Identity card

It is valid as an identity and travel document in all European Union countries and in those that accept it instead of a passport.

It is not necessary to renew the identity card when you change address or residence.

The electronic identity card is issued only by appointment to be booked online. 

Only in case of motivated and documented urgency, on the day of the appointment it is possible to request the simultaneous release of an additional identity document for a minor, provided they belong to the same family as the person who made the online booking.

  • To book, see the section Use the services.

Delivery takes place within 6 working days of the request. You can request shipping to your home or indicate another home.

In the case of shipping, the shipment takes place via registered mail, therefore it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  • provide a complete address that contains at least the information of street, number, postcode, city, province. If available, scale and interior must also be indicated
  • in case of delegation, specify the name and surname of the person who will carry out the collection in place of the holder (the delegation is mandatory for documents issued to minors under 14 years of age)
  • update the doorbell, intercom and a letterbox (for any notice of stock in case of absence) with the name of the person indicated for collection.

You can receive the document shipping notice via email and track the shipment on the website Poste Italiane

Delivery failure
In case of non-receipt within the expected timeframe, it is necessary to:

  • consult the website Poste Italiane with the shipping code issued at the time of request
  • if the identity card appears In shipping you need to wait for delivery
  • if the state In shipping remains unchanged for a prolonged period of time, contact the Ministry's toll-free number: 800 263388
  • if the card turns out delivered to the sender, go to the municipal office where the request was made to check if the document has returned to the office or if the courier has notified its loss.

The exceptions to the issuance of the electronic identity card by appointment concern:

  • cases of urgency and in the absence of another useful identification document in relation to the declared urgency
    - show up within 15 days before the date of the event that determines the urgency, bringing documentation capable of proving it. 
  • theft or loss of the document, accompanied by a report submitted to the Public Security Authorities
  • deterioration
  • people registered with AIRE (issue of identity card in paper format)
  • home release in the presence of serious health reasons
    - see link in the section Use the services

In the cases mentioned above, it is possible to contact the registered offices directly, up to the maximum limit of tickets that can be issued, beyond which the service may not be guaranteed.


Map of registered offices
List of branches and opening hours


Those with domicile in Milan and residence in a municipality located outside the Lombardy region can renew their identity card in Milan only in the absence of another useful identification document in relation to the declared urgency e in case of serious and documented reasons that prevent you from going to the municipality of residence.

Domicile in Milan and inability to reach your municipality of residence must be documented.

For information: tel. 02.02.02

On the day of the appointment, both parents must present themselves together with the minor.

It is possible to forward the request even in the presence of only one parent as long as:

  • another adult person with a valid identity document is present as a witness
  • another identity document of the minor person is presented (passport or identity certificate), valid and equipped with a photograph in order to make it possible to recognize the holder.

In all cases, the presence of the holder is always required to issue the document.

Identity card valid for the expatriation of minors
Italian minors traveling must have a personal document and cannot be registered on their parents' passport.

To issue an identity card valid for travel abroad, the presence of both parents is required. If one of the parents cannot be present, the document issued will be valid for travel abroad only if the request is also accompanied by:

  • copy of the absent parent's identity document
  • declaration of consent to expatriation signed by the absent parent on prepared form

The identity card valid for expatriation allows only minors who have Italian citizenship to travel abroad. The document issued to non-Italian minors is not valid for expatriation, even if they belong to the European Union.

Anyone under 14 years of age can travel abroad with an identity card only accompanied by one of their parents or guardians or if all the following conditions are met:

  • is entrusted to a person, an institution or a transport company
  • is provided with a declaration mentioning the name of the person, body or transport company to whom the minor is entrusted
  • the  declaration was issued by whoever can give assent or authorization
  • the declaration is validated by the Police Headquarters or the consular authorities.

Non-EU minors
The identity card is issued only to minors who hold a valid residence permit. Alternatively, registration in the residence permit of one of the parents is required. The quality must be correctly recorded in the registry.

In case of presence of only one parent, the same clauses described at the beginning of this paragraph apply.

Cost for release
€22,20 to be paid in cash or debit card on the day of the appointment.

Duration of the document
The validity of the electronic identity card varies depending on the age of the holder:

  • 3 years for minors up to 3 years
  • 5 years for the age group from 3 to 18 years
  • 10 years for adults.

For people temporarily unable to be fingerprinted:

  • 1 years.

The electronic identity card allows access to the online services of enabled Public Administrations thanks to the Pin and Puk codes with which it is supplied and authentication to platforms with up to three security levels.

In case of loss of the PIN and PUK codes for electronic identity cards issued from 3 August 2017, it is possible to request a duplicate by appearing in person - without an appointment - at any registry office.

If the PIN and PUK codes you have do not allow access to the online services of authorized public administrations, you can request the issue of a new identity card, subject to authorization issued by the Ministry of the Interior. To this end, you must send a request to the following email address: indicating your identity card number and your personal details.

Additionally, CIE can be used via the CieSign app as an advanced electronic signature tool.

For more information visit the dedicated website

The Municipality of Milan has joined the program Donating organs: a choice in the Municipality, as part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Lombardy Region and the National Center for Transplants, Federsanità-ANCI, ANCI Lombardia, the Italian Association for the donation of organs, tissues and cells - AIDO and the Nord Italian Transplantprogram Association - NITp.

The will regarding the donation of organs and tissues (consent or refusal) is expressed at the registry offices when the identity card is issued or renewed.

  • All adult citizens can express their consent or refusal to donate organs and tissues.

For more information download:

To express or modify the previously expressed wish, consult the section Use the services.

Through the Citizen's File you can receive identity card expiry notices in your email inbox.

To activate notifications use the service Notices and deadlines.

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Identity card
DL 78/2015 converted by Law 6 August 2015, n. 125

Organ donation
Legislative Decree 21 June 2013, n. 69
Law 9 August 2013, n. 98
Resolution of the Municipal Council n. 791 of 24 April 2015

Updated: 17/06/2024