Registry cancellation

Cancellation from the municipal registry can occur due to confirmed unavailability or, only for foreign people, in the event of moving abroad.

The Municipality may cancel a person from the population registers of the resident population when he or she is untraceable during repeated checks over time, spaced approximately over a period of eighteen months, after the cancellation procedure has been communicated to his or her known address.

The procedure produces cancellation when the habitual residence in the municipal territory is no longer demonstrable or when there is no news of the transfer to another municipality or abroad.

There are no costs for reports of unavailability sent by citizens.

Cancellation due to unavailability involves:

  • the loss of the right to vote
  • the impossibility of obtaining the registry certification and/or the identity document
  • the inability to obtain health care services.

The registry position of the person canceled due to unavailability may be restored through a new registration request.

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Updated: 19/07/2023