Waste Management

The management
The Municipality of Milan has signed a service contract by which it has entrusted the management of the environmental hygiene service throughout the public territory of the city to the company Amsa S.p.A. Group a2a.

The main services covered by the contract are:

  • door-to-door and recycling collection of household waste
  • cleaning and washing of streets and public green areas
  • emptying bins and bins and collecting abandoned waste.

Where does the waste go?

  • Waste subject to separate collection, such as paper, plastic and glass, are sent to specialized plants that ensure their correct recycling
  • unsorted waste are delivered to the waste-to-energy plant Silla2, which is located in the north-west area of ​​the city near Figino.

In the attachments section you can view the document: "Communication of urban waste, assimilated waste and collected under agreement".

For specific information relating to the most recurring services such as:

  • home collection of bulky household waste
  • opening hours and information on the city's recycling centers
  • separate waste collection methods
  • timetables for waste collection and street cleaning

consult the official website of Amsa »

The survey involved 4.000 respondents contacted by telephone, who were asked questions to find out the level of satisfaction with the main services offered by AMSA:

• municipal waste collection 
• street cleaning 
• various services 
• contact channels between the customer and AMSA 
• citizen involvement and participation

Updated: 16/01/2024