Training and employment

Training and employment

Vocational Training for Foreigners

Public and private organizations organize courses for foreigners possessing a valid Permit to Stay to obtain professional qualifications with which to enter the job market. A list of the courses offered is available from the Education Agency, the Regional and Municipality governments and School districts.

These sites can be accessed directly using the “links” section.

School enrollment for Minors

Foreign minors in Italy have the right to public education regardless of their immigration status, just like Italian citizens.

Enrollment can be completed at any time during the school year. Applications to enrol should be presented directly to the desired school. Should the minor not be accepted into the school, the family can seek redress from:

Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale di Milano – Area Intercultura
via Ripamonti, 85
tel. 02.56666.714, 02.56666.1
fax 02.5838.2665, 02.5830.3129

If the minor lacks the necessary documents from Vital Statistics or this documentation is incomplete, the pupil may be enrolled on condition of completing all necessary documents.

Recognition of foreign diplomas and degrees

Several documents attest to the recognition of studies completed outside Italy:

  • declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore)
    This document is prepared by the Italian Consular authorities in the city or region where the diploma was awarded and attests the validity of the title, the period of study, the eligibilty to access an Italian school/university, etc.
  • qualification equivalence (corrispondenza di titolo)
    This certificate attests to the level of study completed. This can be used for enrollment in the unemployment agency, enrollment in the register of commercial representatives or in private sector employment.

The public organization in charge of qualifications from secondary schools is:

Ministry of Public Education (Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione)
Cultural Exchanges (Scambi Culturali) - DIV III
via Ippolito Nievo, 35
00153 Roma

The public organization in charge of academic qualifications is:

Ministry for University Studies, Scientific and Technological Research
(Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica)
URI, Unità V, Cooperazione Universitaria
Lungo Tevere Thaon di Revel, 7
00196 Roma

Italian Language Courses for Foreigners provided by the Municipality of Milan

Italian language courses are open to foreigners possessing a valid Permit to Stay. The program includes: basic (beginner to intermediate), intensive and upper-level courses (intermediate to advanced).

The Municipality also organizes courses for international certifications, such as the Cils (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) and Telc (The European Language Certificates - Certificate in Italian).

The Municipality’s offices holding courses for foreigners are:

Centro Formazione D'Annunzio
via G.D'Annunzio, 15
20123 Milano
tel. 02.8940.5142
fax 02.8324.1889

Centro Formazione Mincio
via Mincio, 21
20139 Milano
tel. 02.5521.3370, 02.884.65586
fax 025695138

Centro Formazione Quarenghi
via G. Quarenghi, 12
20151 Milano
tel. 02.3084.353, 02.884.65588
fax 02.3084.952

Centro Formazione XXII Marzo
corso XXII Marzo, 59
20135 Milano
tel. 02.884.65555

Information Point for Employment advice and Vocational Training

This service offers advice to immigrants possessing a valid Permit to Stay (Permit to Stay for paid employment, self-employment, family reasons, political asylum) that wish to attend continuing education courses or vocational training, start a business or search for employment.

The office is located in:
via Scaldasole, 5

tel. 02 884.48246

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00 - 12 AM
max admittance 15 people

Look for Your Italian Language Course:

Caregiving courses

Ongoing training courses designed for foreigners with a valid Permit to Stay.
The courses have four training modules which include these areas:

  • sociology
  • anthropology
  • psychology
  • pedagogy
  • healthcare
  • legislation.

Upon completion of the training course, participants can enroll in the registry of
caregivers (“Assistenti Familiari”).

To apply to the course and enroll in the registry of caregivers, please book an appointment in advance by phone (see number below):

Sportello CURAMI
Via Trivulzio, 15 - Milano
tel. 02.4029.7643 / 7644

Books for Foreigners – Multicultural bookshelves

Some of the public libraries of Milan offer books in different foreign languages; these include audiovisual material for Italian language learning.

Currently this service is available at these public libraries:

via Don Orione, 19 (zone 2)

via Quarenghi, 21 (zone 8)

via Baldinucci, 76 (zone 8)